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My weekends consist of painting from morning to night, I often come out of the studio wafting of turpentine and go to work on Monday with dried paint on my forearms. I feel both excitement and trepidation as I work towards 2 exhibitions, one of which is my very own solo exhibition at Graydon Gallery in New Farm. I am beginning to feel like it is all coming together…. a long way to go still…. and a lot more weekends of painting.

Exhibition dates:

Aware: Brisbane Artsworkers Collective- group exhibition featuring works from 6 Brisbane based artists running from 15-19 June 2016 Graydon Gallery, New Farm

Emergence: Solo exhibition by Genevieve C Jackson 22-26 June 2016 Graydon Gallery, New Farm. Opening night 24th June 6-8pm live Jazz and nibbles. More details to come..

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Art with Altitude 2015


A great turn out for Art with Altitude’s Inaugural Group exhibition held on the 21st-22nd November at the Mount Glorious Community Association.

Guests enjoyed fine art, fresh mountain air and coffee/cake downstairs at the market stalls. Many well-known artists from the creative communities of Mount Glorious and Mount Nebo displayed their wares. A great cross section of works were displayed in a variety of media including- oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings, sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, glass-work, pen and ink drawings, photography, fine furniture and fiber-art.

The event was proudly sponsored by Bendigo Community Bank and will hopefully be an annual activity.

art with Altitude Opening2 art with altitude Opening1 Art with Altitude Opening


Image credits: image1,2,3 Nick Jackson. Image 4 Karen Hutt

Some of my recent works from Art with Altitude


Lady of the forest 2015 Oil on Canvas 1.5x1m
For Sale $1800.00 (framed)


Female Bower Bird 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 52x42cm
For Sale $600.00 (framed)


Regent Bower Bird 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 82×82
For Sale $1200.00 (framed)


Kookaburra 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 90×90
For Sale $900.00 (unframed) or $1000 framed


Pardalote 2014 Oil on Canvas 90×90
For Sale $1000.00 (framed)


The Vow 2014 watercolour on paper 20×15
For Sale $200.00 (framed)

the vow


Some newly completed works for sale



For Sale: $1,200 framed

Waratah, Night Garden 1.2m x 90cm, Acrylic on canvas


Detail of Waratah, Night Garden

cereal tiger

For Sale: $1,500 framed

Cereal Tiger, 40cm x 40cm Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

bottle brush

For Sale: $400 framed

Bottle brush, 30cm x 45cm, Oil on canvas


For Sale: $800 framed

Kookaburra, 90cm x 90cm, Acrylic on canvas

King Tide



Recent work: Acrylic on canvas 80×80

This work is one in a series I plan to do with short stories accompanying the paintings. The works will be a collaboration between myself (as the visual artist) and my clever husband Timothy who will provide the short stories. Once we finish a few of these works we hope to exhibit them at a gallery in Brisbane and maybe even get some illustrated books published

King Tide


❤ This is a recent collaboration with my husband Timothy. Short story by Timothy and acrylic on canvas by yours truly. Check out other fiction and articles by Tim @ He is such a beautiful writer.

Man alone with himself

Henry Jones scrutinised the clipboard in his hand. It was his first day as foreman and he was going to get it right. There might be room for creativity later on but today was going to be by the book. No mucking about. He’d already made a silly mistake this morning when he’d forgotten to wear his new shiny white foreman’s hardhat and had put on the fluorescent yellow hardhat of a worker. Now everyone was on-site and they weren’t treating him with the proper deference. It must be the hat. Oh, they knew he was foreman all right, but you could see it in the way they looked first into his eyes and then glanced at his yellow hat. You could see it in the not so subtle smirks on their faces. They were laughing at him. Oh well, he would earn their respect. First things first: the list.

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Group Exhibition Update- 2015 exhibition and new artworks


Hatch opening night with Hirani and Maho

Photo by Nick Jackson

Thank you for all who came and made Hatch go off without a hitch! I am stoked to say that I sold 3 of my 4 exhibition works and have another 2 commissions in the pipeline.

If you are interested in my Pardalote- It is still available. Please contact me through my wordpress. I am happy to sell it framed or unframed.

The opening night of Hatch was such a blast with approximately 120 people who came to see our works. I can not wait to get back in the studio to produce my latest commissions and to start on the extension of my Flora/Fauna series; with a focus on invertebrates and reptiles.

Biggest thank you to my friends and family who supported me through my ‘Hatch’ journey and a special thank you to my biggest supporter, my lovely one Timothy Jackson.

P.S BAC is back next year!! We will all have a break until January and start our 2015 group exhibition journey in the new year.

Photos taken by Mark Barnett and used with permission